Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Mod Bot" the first

               This was my very first Flash Animation I've created. I've never used Adobe Flash before. To be honest, I wasn't even thinking of using it at all, until a visit to Puerto Rico that's when everything changed. I brought with me the "Facebook Hacking" footage, ready to be edited hoping to do something with it. I didn't realized I didn't have a computer strong enough to edit 720p video nor I have my programs such as Adobe Premiere with me. All i had was my old laptop (very low specs). I couldn't just not do anything, i had to do something, be productive. That's when my brother installed the only program that my laptop could run at least decent "Adobe Flash CS3". I had no knowledge of the program whats so ever, the only one I had been using was Adobe After Effects (i know all adobe programs work sort of the same). My brother showed me the basics and i took it from there and let me say that was the funnest learning experience i ever had. The only think i founded difficult was understanding the timeline, since its way different than After Effects, this one had small rectangles, sorta looked like piano keys to me at first. After a dozen mistakes, including adding a "Motion Tween"to a none-Symbol and not using a tablet, i got the hang of it. In every scene of the video i was testing something different, using Tween, frame by frame, panning and zooming etc, that would explain how it Looks. 


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