Monday, April 16, 2012

"Luigi's Grocery Shopping Maze" a Remake

        This video was actually a remake of another video I made back in 2011. I wanted to bring it back but this time making sure i added the things I didn't knew back then. The scene where Luigi walks passed the customers, they all looked like cardboard cutouts, I fixed that by adding motion to all of them, I went one by one and animated every characters individually doing a different action (that made my computer run very slow). Then I made sure this time to uploaded at 720p which it made it look greater then the first one. But for the most part, it stayed the same, the basic idea of him Luigi getting grocery shopping is still there, just this time is less boring. I also made some other subtle changes, fixed the audio, added an ester egg and of course i added the ending that I personally have to say, one of my favorites yet!.


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