Monday, April 16, 2012

The "Facebook Hacking" Story

        It all started with an idea i had, back in October 2011. I wanted to make a basic narrative story animation using short/cute looking characters. I wanted to narrate my work experience using characters to visually show what happened in a sort of funny way. Since it was going to be just a narrative video, i decided to go with the paper background and the rest of the things in grey giving the impression it was drawn. The only things in color are the characters and some main objects (In the Video was the Magazine). I made it that way so it stands out from the background. Once finished working with the look of the animation i started writing the script. After working on the script for some time, i really didn't like the way it was turning out and decided to pull the plug on the whole idea. Even though i stopped the animation i still wanted to use the characters. One day i logged in Facebook, and the first comments where about "Getting hacked" (don't know why, but that's what i saw). That's when it hit me, i can make a animation based out of the experience of getting the Facebook hacked. The Idea was great at the time, so i quickly started working on the animation. It was great, it looked great considering the fact that it was all done in After Effects. The last thing i did was the Script, sadly that is what this video lacks on, still that doesn't make it a bad video. But all in all, i think for being my first animation done in Adobe After Effects, it was entertaining i sure did had fun making it.

(I may add more info upon request)

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  1. Hi Luis and GErardo. God bless you. Sigan adelante. Me encantan sus videos. Exito en todo. GMM